Thank you for being an awesome, wonderful, health journey-filled massage patient of mine! I have lots of exciting news to share.
New Location:
I'm now located in the heart of beautiful St. Elmo! My new, amazing studio is directly across from the incline railway, on the 2nd floor of the St. Elmo building, which is directly above the restaurant 1885.  Put my new address in your GPS: 
3914 St. Elmo Ave Suite D
Chattanooga TN, 37409
Parking is located in the gravel lot, or you may parallel park along either side street that are on either side of the building. When you come up the steps or get off the elevator, you will come down to the end of the hall, and then take a right. The Suite letters aren't exactly in order, so look for suite E, which I am right next to. Or look for River City Physical Therapy , which I am directly across from! If the "Quiet Please! In Session" sign is up, please find a chair in the hall to wait in & I will be with you shortly. Please call or text if you have any questions prior to your next appointment!   
doTERRA Essential Oils
In my personal quest for a healthier, more natural lifestyle, I have been using essential oils in my daily life, not just during massage sessions. I now sell doTERRA's Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Essential Oils.  Lemon Oil specifically has been such a natural way for me to make my own totally natural, cleaning spray! I even use it on my office floors, so that there will be no harsh chemicals touching your skin if you do yoga in the studio! (Okay fine, it's actually my wonderful cleaning gal, Heather DePauw, of Heather's Helping Hands who is using it to clean the floors, but you get the point!) If you're interested in seeing what I have to offer without visiting the studio, or are curious to learn more about essential oils, just go to my essential oil website: www.mydoterra.com/amberholttherapy 
Safe Yoga Class with Amy Bockmon
Other than our normal, super AWESOME sessions together, my new space allows for small yoga classes. I believe that yoga is an important, key part of helping the Neuromuscular work that I do, really stick effectively! It has helped me personally lose weight, and love myself wherever I'm at in my health journey. I am so excited about offering Safe Yoga every Sunday @ 3:00pm, starting  September 14, for just $10 per class with Amy Bockmon. 
Amy Bockmon teaches an alignment based yoga with an emphasis on opening the body to experience the delight of the heart. After almost four years of teaching, Amy has continued to be inspired by her students and teachers. Amy’s most recent studies with Joe Taft and Dierdre Smith-Gilmer were completed in the fall of 2013. Amy brings a sense of play and exploration to her classes, hoping to inspire her students to push the boundaries of what they think they can do and experience how truly amazing they really are. From almost the first time she stepped onto the mat, Amy has known this was for her. When she returned to the practice of yoga it was to lose weight. Not only did she lose weight, but Amy gained a new insight, discovering the healing qualities of yoga. If you are blessed enough to experience a session with her, you get to experience these insights. As a student of Amy’s, I have personally benefitted from the way she brings the lessons of yoga to everyday life. I hope you are able to experience yoga with Amy every Sunday, but if space fills up please ask her about personal, one on one sessions! Check out her website: www.luminousheartyoga.net  
For over 9 years I have had the honor of helping many different people along the path in their health journey. I have been a licensed massage therapist in the state of Tennessee for over 7 years and I have found that there are many therapeutic effects of massage. The therapeutic benefits of massage continue to be researched and studied. Recent research has shown the effectiveness of massage for the following conditions:
      * Cancer-related fatigue
      * Low back pain
      * Osteoarthritis of the knee
      * Reducing post operative pain
      * Boosting the body's immune system functioning
      * Decreasing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
      * Lowering blood pressure
      * Reducing headache frequency
      * Decreasing pain in cancer patients
      * Fibromyalgia
      * Easing alcohol withdrawl
     I specialize in Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). Specializing in Neuromuscular Therapy means that I help with the care of soft tissue pain and dysfunction. This means that I get to help all sorts of people feel great, move great, and live great.
     Neuromuscular Therapy is an intense but very effective way of helping the muscles and surrounding connective tissues feel & function better.
     I also practice Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese type of energy work used to balance and relax the body. It promotes healing. I am a Reiki practictioner of the Usui Shiki Ryoho system. Loosely translated from Japanese, Reiki means "life-force energy", "God's energy", or "good energy". Reiki can only be channeled by someone who has been attuned to it by a 3rd degree Reiki Master.
     A full Reiki session involves balancing the body's energy through treating different energy points in the body called Chakras. Reiki may also be directed to specific areas as well. There have been studies done on the human energy field. One of the most exciting ones that showed some evidence of actual impact on the body's energy was done at UCLA in 1988. By hooking up electrodes during a Neuromuscular Therapy session, they were able to see changes in millivoltage signals from the body. Bottom line, some evidence that bodywork & human touch can affect energy in the human body!
                       NOW OFFERING REIKI FOR ATHLETES
     Whether you are an athlete that experiences muscular stress from the high demand of performance, a parent that always goes the distance, or a desk jockey/ athlete of life that is hunched over a computer all day...your body can benefit from Reiki!
     The treatment involves the attuned practitioner laying hands on the Chakra points and channeling that good energy into the patient.
*Initial Visit requires a one time $30 consultation fee which goes towards your first visit
60 minute Massage Session:   $85
90 minute Massage Session:   $115
120 minute Massage Session:   $140
60 minute Reflexology Session:     $85
90 minute Reflexology Session:     $115
Not sure which treatment is right for you? Contact my office so we can assess your needs and help you choose.
Contact us today!
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